Quick Walk through the 10 Time Scales

Time Scale 1 10+ billion to
1 billion
years ago
“From Nothing to Everything”
The Origins of the Universe, the Solar System, Earth, and Life
Time Scale 2 1 billion to
100 million
years ago
“Animal House”
The Cambrian Explosion of Animal Life and Its Aftershocks
Prehistoric pageant
Time Scale 3 100 million to
10 million
years ago
“Meek Inheritors”
The Dinosaur Extinction and the Rise of Mammals
Cretaceous Impact
Time Scale 4 10 million to
1 million
years ago
“Hominins, Upstanding Apes”
The Rise of Hominins, the Role of Rock, and Food for Thought
A. africanus
Time Scale 5 1 million to 100,000
years ago
“Becoming Human”
The Rise of Homo sapiens and our Neandertal cousins
Homo heidelbergensis
Time Scale 6 100,000 to 10,000 years ago “The Creative Explosion”
The Rise of Language, Symbolism, Religion, Art, and Music
Lascaux Horse
Time Scale 7 10,000 to 1,000
years ago
“From Farm to City”
The Neolithic and Urban Revolutions and Their Consequences
Giza Pyramids
Time Scale 8 1,000 to 100
years ago
“Ages of Enlightenment”
From the Dark Ages of Superstition to the Scientific Revolution
Galileo telescope
Time Scale 9 100 to 10
years ago
“Modern Times”
The Last Century, Laying the Foundations to the World We Live In
Apollo Lunar Landing
Time Scale 10 The last ten years “The Age of Connections”
The Past Decade of Innovations and Their Implications
Wind Farm

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