I’m A Denisovan



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I’m A Denisovan
Music and lyrics by Nicholas Toth, Kathy Schick  and Carrie Newcomer © 2014.

1.  I’m a Denisovan
     I’m a vanished breed
     The genome from my finger bone
     Was all Max Planck would need
     I’m a Denisovan
     Got my Stone Age groove
     First cousin to Neanderthals
     From Moderns twice removed
     I’m a Denisovan
     (Baby, I’m badass to the bone)


2.  I’m a Denisovan
     I’m from a Russian cave
     Share genes with Melanesians
     Across Pacific waves
     I’m a Denisovan
     With Middle Stone Age gear
     Exactly what I look like
     Is not exactly clear
     I’m a Denisovan
     (Honey, I got ginormous teeth)


3.  I’m a Denisovan
     I forage for my grub
     Hunt deer with spear and without fear
     I tote a wooden club
     I’m a Denisovan
     Lookin’ for my mate
     A stand-up kind of troglodyte
     Designed to procreate
     I’m a Denisovan
     (Darlin’, I got tiger blood)


4.  I’m a Denisovan
     Green bracelet made of stone
     I flake and make flint implements
     And garments needle-sewn
     I’m a Denisovan
     Back forty-thousand years
     An Ice Age adaptation on
     Siberia’s frontiers
     I’m a Denisovan
     (Baby, I got the Genome of Love)



Credit: Illustration by Randii Oliver, NASA,
courtesy of Wikimedia.


Music and lyrics by

Nicholas Toth, Kathy Schick, and

Carrie Newcomer.

Vocals: Carrie Newcomer

Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitars: Nick Toth

Drums, percussion: Tom Schoenemann

Percussion: Kathy Schick


Engineer: Kevin Loyal

Recorded at:  Echo Park Studios,
Bloomington, Indiana

Recording © 2014

All rights reserved.

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