About John Sibbick



johnsibbickJohn Sibbick is one of the premier illustrators of prehistoric life and environments, and we have arranged in this web site to use a number of his illustrations to depict ancient life forms. He studied Graphics and Illustration at Guildford College of Art in southern England and has been a freelance illustrator since 1972. He has created a wealth of prehistoric reconstructions published in a variety of books and magazines, featured in television programs such as Dinosaur! and David Attenborough’s Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives, as well as other media, and on display in museums around the world. In addition to his artistic depictions of prehistoric scenes, he has also produced illustrations for a variety of mythology and fantasy books. His work has been exhibited in the Dinosaur Gallery of the Natural History Museum in London, in the Beginnings exhibit in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Sea Dragons Gallery in Bristol, the Gamagori Museum in Japan, and galleries in Rome, Milan and Washington, D.C. His illustrations are featured in many published works including The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (1985), Dinosaurs a Global View (1990), The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs (1991), Prehistoric Life, the Rise of the Vertebrates (1994), The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia (2001), and The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs (2005). For more information on his work, please visit his web site: https://www.johnsibbick.com/.

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